Because Life Can Turn on a Dime (no. 6)

A friend is beginning a difficult journey that she never anticipated. A once healthy family member is undergoing tests that could determine an unwelcome new normal. She described the shock to her system this way: "In an instant, life can turn on a dime." When she gave this thought a voice, we both got a... Continue Reading →


Diagnosis (no. 2)

the heart quickens the brain clouds cognition disappointment pursues she sits inside the feelings deep within the tangled mess a space she owns seven days a basket beckons the heart turns pink is fashioned paper reminders of love spills into the woven container each valentine named John, Katie, Alan, Dan Emma, Aiden, Owen, Noah Doris,... Continue Reading →

Illumined (no. 1)

She's under a cloud unknowing, acutely aware its steady rain marks the day with unease. Awake to the hope of something more certain, life beyond her fragile boundaries of skin and sun room sofa is heightened for better or worse. Forever the giver, loving overtures bless and bother and beg the question "Who am I?"... Continue Reading →

Retired, Really?

I suppose my personal profile begs the question. After all, I am an empty-nester, my husband and I recently "down-sized" our home and possessions, and I am blessed to be called Grandma. But I still stop short when someone asks me, "So, are you retired now?" I do understand the reason for the question. People... Continue Reading →

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