What Words Will You Live By in 2017?

I don’t think much has changed on the world stage since I wrote this a year ago. Perhaps the more important issue is, have I?

Season Six(ty) life in the 60 something years


While voices in power from the left and the right continue to denigrate one another,  let’s make it a new year’s goal to seek out voices of compassion and civility. Sometimes we just need someone to help us shut out the pejorative noise.

Humanitarian and spiritual director Jean Vanier is often that voice for me. His life work was to speak love to whom society would deem unlovable. In Vanier’s seminal works on pastoral care, he urges us to take a non-judgmental posture, to put away what my elementary school teachers many years ago called put-downs.


Derogatory comments to classmates just because they looked, acted, and spoke differently were not tolerated. Now they’ve become the order of the day on the world stage. A sad example, indeed.

Vanier has become my mentor in the realm of showing regard for people who think, behave, and struggle differently from me. You can…

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