Game Day Desserts

My husband Jim was sidelined for too long with a damaged nerve in his lower abdomen. The pain management doctor diagnosed it as nerve entrapment. Well, this extremely painful issue definitely had Jim trapped! Movement was excruciating; the only things that caused the pain to subside were meds, hot baths, sitting, and lying down. Thankfully, Jim’s nerve block procedure was a success.

One positive while Jim awaited relief has been watching the victorious Cleveland Indians, our hometown baseball team. In an effort to provide a little extra TLC, I scheduled a homemade dessert for several of the regular season games and the first playoff game. Jim’s tv watching indulgences of choice are usually ice cream and potato chips, but the person in control of food around here is not serving that night after night. (Well, some desserts do beg for a scoop of ice cream.)

My goal was low in fat and sugar, high in fiber and natural ingredients. Some recipes are my own creations, others on sites that promote clean eating which I tweaked for our personal tastes. Planning ahead helps us eat healthier, otherwise I’m quick to run to the grocery for that bag of potato chips!

Here are my selections. Let me know if you try any of them!

Seasonal Fruit and Oat Crumble: September 22nd Indians Lose
Freshly picked raspberries and pears really make a difference.
Recipe will be posted soon.



Wacky Chocolate Cake: September 23rd Indians Win!
The cake was a bit bland, but a scoop of ice cream for Jim and a
swirl of maple syrup and raspberries for me made it enjoyable.



Pineapple Cherry Cake: September 24th Indians Win!
Shredded coconut is the perfect addition to fresh pineapple
and canned cherries.
Recipe will be posted soon.



Simple Baked ApplesTwo Ways: September 26th Indians Lose

We seem to have a lot of mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer.

Easy Baked Pears with Cardamom: September 27th Indians Win!
Of all the desserts I made for the games, this was my favorite.


Potato chips: September 28th Indians Win!
Ballreich’s. I can not tell a lie.

Leftovers Desserts: September 29th Indians Win!
Jim enjoyed leftover desserts for lunches and we finally finished them
during this great game.

German Chocolate Zucchini Cake: September 30th Indians Lose
I forgot to take a picture. I did follow the recipe verbatim. It was good to use up some of our garden zucchini.

Black Bean Brownies: October 1st Indians Win!
I forgot again to take a picture. These were not a favorite for Jim, so I ended up taking them to our church staff meeting. A few brave souls (no pun intended) finished off the pan. I followed this recipe exactly as written.

Game Day Dogs and Carrot Cake Dessert: October 5th Indians Win!
I’m not a fan of beef, but Jim loves it and loves his coney dogs!
The flavor of the sauce was amazingly good.



Leftover Coney Dogs: October 6th Indians Win Big in Thirteen Innings!

Our little dessert excursion with the Indians has been lots of fun. Now what should I do for the rest of the playoffs . . .













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