Illumined (no. 1)


She’s under a cloud unknowing,
acutely aware
its steady rain
marks the day
with unease.

Awake to the hope
of something more certain,
life beyond her fragile boundaries
of skin and sun room sofa
is heightened for better or worse.

Forever the giver,
loving overtures
and bother
and beg the question
“Who am I?”

Her body taunts,
convincing her
she’s lost balance
yet the whole of self puts disorder in its place.

Transcendent to the slavery,
she will not bow to it,
while it’s still called today
each moment a drink
a toast to a life magnified.

Her lens switched
perspective different
days are blurry
but illumined
because her Love remains.












5 thoughts on “Illumined (no. 1)

  1. This is a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing it. I know that cloud rather well. Jesus is there too. Thank God for that.


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