The Write Stuff

Words on walls are definitely IN with the HGTV crowd, especially with those fine folks from Waco, Texas. (In case you’re not a fan, I’m talking decorating shows on cable tv, with a nod to Fixer Upper filmed in Waco.) Not wanting to be a designer groupie copycat, I determined to find a pretty piece of art, sans words, to hang above our kitchen sink in our new home. But when a Facebook friend posted her teen daughter’s creation, I knew I had found the piece I’d been searching for. Words and all.

I’m a bit amused about all the current ado over catchy phrases and isms on display in people’s homes. In my more youthful days this was commonplace: witticisms became wall art in dorm rooms, happy thoughts decorated starter homes of marriage millennials, and  mod-podged poetry on cheap wood graced grandmothers’ coffee tables.

Who in their 60 plus years could forget this hippie poster jargon~


Or this sentiment that saturated the local gift shops~


And how ’bout this over-used 1970’s fruity aphorism ?


Words to live by may be a bit overdone in the decorating camp, but the need to anchor oneself with those symbols we call words remains. I think the merging of belief and expression pushes forward in all of us in order to be heard and understood. We yearn to make a statement, to stand for something, to be a sign of something larger than ourselves.

Thus my own newly acquired sign tells a little about what I want for this stage of life. It communicates my hope to be more neighborly, to be more helpful to those in need, and engage in the simple act of fellowship around a simple meal.

(And I love how it looks in my new kitchen. Thanks Emilie!)





5 thoughts on “The Write Stuff

    1. I know!!! It came together so well. I think it’s one of my favorite things in our new home! Someday there won’t be tools laying around and we can have a coffee gathering here. Drew is doing a great job on the stairs.


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