Tree Trims and Transformation

We barely moved into the neighborhood and we were already the talk of the town. Ridiculous, monstrous, and ugly were adjectives freely thrown around in our presence. Truly, for our “benefit.”

Basically, The Three Trees in OUR YARD were the culprit in the conversations. I had no idea there could be such disdain for trees. So when I casually mentioned Jim was thinking  of taking them down, our neighbors were beside themselves with joy. Almost giddy!


Our former owner frequented nursery sales and plopped three lovely small evergreens on the side yard at the end of the driveway. Eventually the trees grew together into one massive clump. They not only looked a little silly in a small space, but blocked our view of the street (and our next-door-neighbor’s) as we backed out of the drive.

Jim was happy to do the Tim Taylor thing, but insisted that only two trees needed to be removed.




When he pulled down the smaller ones, I realized (and all the neighbors watching) that he was right.

We were left with a most perfect, symmetrical pine. Our sweet, 92 year old new friend Betty that lives directly across from us was thrilled. “It’s a Christmas tree!” she exclaimed. “Now I can sit on my front porch and gaze at this beautifully shaped tree!”

Jim was also quite pleased with the gem he uncovered.


Our “Christmas Tree” with a healthy trim of the lower branches

Last summer we had a tree trimming party. This season many are trimming their own pines, obviously adding to instead of taking away. I love decorated trees with all their glitz and glow. But the living Christmas tree in our yard reminds me that sometimes I need take aways and a “good trim.”

~A trimming away of negative thinking~
~A trimming away of judging other people~
~A trimming away of wasted time with social media~

A good trim not only prepares our hearts for the coming of our Lord, but it can lead to transformation.

Much like our  infamous, now celebrated Christmas tree!







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