Stocking Up

Last year’s post. Making a lot more vegetable stock these days. Both are good for you and a fresh alternative to butter and oil in your sauté pan.

Season Six(ty) life in the 60 something years

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Today we celebrated with Jim’s mom and sister. I used homemade turkey stock I had on hand in the freezer for the turkey gravy (gravy recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman.) More on that later . . .


If you haven’t embraced making your own chicken, turkey, vegetable, or beef stock, now is a great time! Save that Thanksgiving turkey carcass, or ask your holiday hosts if they want to part with theirs. Stock is healthy, easy, delicious, and economical.

I got hooked on making homemade stock thanks to Lisa Leake’s encouragement on her  100 Days of Real Food blog. Basically, real food to Lisa means bypassing food purchases that boast more than five ingredients on the label. Anymore than that and, Lisa contends,  you will probably be eating chemicals. Homemade stock requires only real food ingredients which is a necessity for Jim and…

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2 thoughts on “Stocking Up

  1. Donna, thanks for this interesting post. I’ve made my own stock for years but didn’t know about using cider vinegar. Thanks for that tip.




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