Four Ways to Keep Christmas Simple in ’16

A little piece I wrote last year~ Perhaps in this tumultuous election season a little simplicity with a healthy dose of quiet prayer will help to center us.

Season Six(ty) life in the 60 something years


“So, are you ready for Christmas?”

It seemed like almost every other store clerk I encountered this past Advent season asked that question of me. The implied message was obvious. December is busy and stressful, so getting all those Christmasy to dos done by the 25th is nearly impossible.

The truth of my answer, yes I am ready, never failed to surprise the folks that waited on me while I shopped. I was ready a long time ago, because I forced myself to keep it simple. The usual temptation for me is to decorate everywhere, cook more than I need, and squeeze in just one more gift into the “budget.” But the past few years I’ve come to enjoy the less is more theory. So, yes, thanks for asking, harried sales people! I am ready and calm and focusing more on Jesus and less on stuff.

In talking…

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