Community Counts

It’s been one year since I wrote this piece about our decision to move into the small town of Ashland. This Friday we close on a house in an Ashland neighborhood with nine families from our church! We found a cute little fixer upper which “checks off all the boxes” for us. We look forward to new adventures and new opportunities to serve our community. We thank God for his clear direction in our lives.

Season Six(ty) life in the 60 something years

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES morning fog behind our flowering crabapple

I tell people my husband and I live in the country but geographically speaking, we really don’t. It’s not that I’m lying, it’s just that our space feels “countryish” to me. Our home sits almost two-tenths of a mile from the road, surrounded by four acres of grass and almost five acres of woods. Although we can see the neighbor’s house when the leaves are down, and the village we belong to starts at the end of our drive. So technically we live in a community, but I don’t live community here in our little town of Jeromesville. I’ve been considering what that means to me for a few years now.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES winter sunset gracing our woods

I’ve discovered it is possible to belong to a community but not be a bonafide member of that community. Basically, that’s how I exist in our li’l neck of…

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2 thoughts on “Community Counts

  1. Blessings on your move!!! Change is often difficult & forces us to rely on God even more. May you experience extra portions of His grace during this transition.


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