The Likes of Senior Living



Social media site, Gracednotes Ministries by author JoAnn Shade, boasts a smorgasbord of thoughtful pieces including small town living, grandparenting, contemporary issues, God moments, and stages of life. JoAnn bears the distinction of penning a Saturday column for our small town Ashland newspaper, as well. Today’s “hit home,” as she echoes my  sixty-something ponderings on senior living. Personally, I enjoy a bit of season sixty camaraderie with her graced notes as I process through with this little writing web space of my own.

JoAnn’s career focused on people helping through her lifelong leadership in the Salvation Army. Retirement, however, has not slowed her expressions of care for humankind.  Her website proves to be a delightful and inspired extension of caregiving ministry.

Click on Gracednotes Ministries for a motivational read if you are sixty-something and beyond. Not a member of the senior club just yet? Then indulge yourself in understanding us older folks. We appreciate it.

Thanks, JoAnn!



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