Vegetarian Fare, Family, and Friends

Good food, great family, off to Minnesota!


The Likes of Senior Living

  Social media site, Gracednotes Ministries by author JoAnn Shade, boasts a smorgasbord of thoughtful pieces including small town living, grandparenting, contemporary issues, God moments, and stages of life. JoAnn bears the distinction of penning a Saturday column for our small town Ashland newspaper, as well. Today's "hit home," as she echoes my  sixty-something ponderings on senior living.... Continue Reading →

Bones and the Lost Art of Walking

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Season Six(ty): life in the 60 something years

51muyUbo8fL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_The Last Great Walk by Wayne Curtis is the true story of seventy year old Edward Payson Weston who walked from New York to San Francisco. The year was 1909, when walking was a competitive sport and pedestrianism, taking long walks, was becoming less fashionable.  That new moving machine called the automobile quickly supplanted the more natural form of travel by foot. The age of travel ease was here to stay, insuring the lost art of walking for the American culture.

Award winning journalist Curtis (contributing editor for The Atlantic magazine) seamlessly blends the remarkable story of Weston’s foot travels with the science, sociology, history, and psychology of walking. While chronicling Weston’s walks and providing substantial background research, Curtis hooked me in with perspectives I hadn’t considered.

“By the early twentieth century American had more or less decided to stop walking. . . a form of mobility that had for millennia…

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Turkey Noodle Parmesan Bake: When You Need Comfort Food

  While I'm still trying to use up pantry items and plan meals accordingly, 'tis the season for turkey leftovers. Inspired by Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti casserole, I threw together similar ingredients that became this noodle bake. Plus, casseroles are great comfort food when you are looking for a little pick me up. Jim and... Continue Reading →

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