Simple (and not so simple) Pleasures

Simple Pleasures~ just thanking God today for a few things that bring joy 

my favorite yellow roses from Jim

brothers talking on Skype

cooking for my youngest child that flew home for a visit 

deep purple French lilacs

spur of the moment coffee date with a good friend

emails from my daughter-in-law

an unexpected visit from cousins

cozy coffee shops

a compliment from my grandson

a devotional that “nails it”

consignment shopping

Goldberry coffee brewing at the church office

sampling biscotti at our local food/farmers co-op

a good book, green tea, and a cloudy day

72 % cocoa dark chocolate

children’s picture books

all night prayer vigil with church friends

an oversized dining room table for holiday gatherings

Jen Hatmaker’s wit 

worshipping to the sounds of a guitar, banjo, keyboard, ukele, and an upright bass

grandkids playing in the rain on their deck

reading the same book to my grandkids as I did with their Mom and brothers

 jewelry from my daughter

just the right Mother’s Day card from my husband

prayers from my son and daughter-in-law

a prayer room of serenity and sacredness at church

Ina Garten’s recipes

milk chocolate covered cashew clusters for my husband

middle of the night prayers that are answered in the morning

photos of my son teaching first graders

six happy grandsons

creating tablescapes

my daughter’s love for her husband

my husband’s sacrifice to help a friend

a trip to the green house with a friend

prayer walking in our church gym

an old Mercy Me song on the radio

country cottage decor

freshly polished stainless steel appliances

clean shower doors

waking up to birds singing


the children’s section of our local library

my quilted floral bedspread 

hosta gardens

light filtering through stained glass windows in our church sanctuary

my youngest son’s compassion for those in need

Just a few random pleasures of the day for which I am grateful.

How about you?



4 thoughts on “Simple (and not so simple) Pleasures

  1. I read the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voscamp which inspired me to start my own list. Some of mine are paintings of owls done by my children’s hands, a blue jay flying past my car, vegetables growing in my garden, morning kisses before my hubby leaves for work.

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  2. Love this! A few weeks ago I started emailing a daily gratitude list to a few friends. I love how it changes my perspective on unpleasant situations! It also has me “pursuing gratitude.” We can find God’s goodness in all situations when we seek Him.

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