Mother’s Day Bird Cage Planter


I scored a garage sale deal like none other, or so I thought. Jim looked at my purchase and immediately discounted it with, “Did you steal that from a funeral home?” Instant deflation of what I thought was a savvy buy. Unfortunately, I did not think to take its picture, but try to picture this: a metal bird cage with dark purple and bright green flowers shooting up about two feet from its base. The mass of purple flowers must have been the planter’s demise, at least in Jim’s eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Little did I know I would be repurposing it for  my mother-in-law’s gift a few years later.

After several weeks of Jim glaring at the planter as it sat on the dining room table,  I got the bright idea to ask a florist to change out the artificial arrangement for live plants. Bad idea. I spent more than I intended.

By the way, at the same garage sale I bought a Pennsylvania House (!) children’s table. This sturdy piece of furniture for my grandkids was the best buy of the day. Jim sanded out the stains and scratches and painted it PURPLE (see the irony here?). Every time our daughter birthed another boy, Jim added a stenciled name. This table has become Christy’s kitchen island for her four little ones.

Oldest son Levi thinks Mommy should have more babies so Grandpa can fill in the corners with more names.

Back to the bird cage. Unlike me with the black thumb, my mother-in-law ADORES houseplants and has a hard time killing them.  She even has one of those garden windows above her kitchen sink.

My mother-in-law; one great lady
My mother-in-law; one great lady

So in an effort to bless her with something she loves for Mother’s Day, I resurrected the bird cage from the junk  storage room, determined to restore it even beyond its original glory.

Not too bad, without the fake flowers!
Not too bad, without the fake flowers!

Picturing how our local flower shop re-designed my bird cage, I wandered around our grocery’s floral center for inspiration. Earlier I bought a nesty looking filler to line the cage from Hobby Lobby.


Here’s what I came home with:


See the cardinal on the florist stick? I spotted them in ready-made planters equal to the price of a fancy dinner. But this bird is my mother-in-law’s favorite, so I REALLY wanted one. I took a chance and asked the clerk if one was hiding behind the counter that I could buy. To my delight, birds for sale were found under the register for just a few dollars; the perfect addition for Mom’s planter. I love the ivy and yellow flowers, I ended up not using the red flower.

Here’s my completed creation.


I think this is one special Happy Mother’s Day gift for one great mom-in-law!


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Bird Cage Planter

  1. It looks beautiful, Donna! I love to see old things restored. It just feels good to see something become useful and beautiful again.


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