Osteopenia Post!


I inadvertently posted an article from the Mayo Clinic on my last post. It’s a good article, but know that it’s not mine! I meant to save it in my drafts to read at a later time. Having said that, read the article from the Cleveland Clinic in the link at the bottom of the post as well. Interesting.

I was diagnosed with low bone density and am being treated for osteopenia. It could be a precursor to the more severe osteoporosis, but doesn’t have to be. I chose an all natural regime of weight bearing exercise and supplements. So glad I am doing this now as my Mom suffered from osteoporosis. In her last few years of life she shuffled about in a bent over position and often complained of back pain. I hope to avoid this debilitating condition. I don’t know if my Mom was proactive and addressed bone density in her early sixties. But if she didn’t, I wish I would have known more about this testing and encouraged her to take care of her back.

On a lighter note, a good friend of mine and I were chatting over lunch about a variety of minor health concerns we were faced with. Suddenly she stopped in mid-sentence to remark, “I vowed when I got older I wouldn’t talk all the time about my health, like my Mom did.” Well, guess what. We’re older and we talk about health a lot. Like our Moms did.

And it seems like if it’s not one thing it’s another! ‘Tis the season.




3 thoughts on “Osteopenia Post!

  1. If you don’t get my blog by email, then you didn’t see last post about osteopenia. No worries, I didn’t mean to publish it yet. So this post may not make sense to you!


    1. Yes. My Mom was super skinny when she was my age. When she was in her 80’s, she fell and broke her hip. For a variety of reasons she never recovered and died six months later. It was all very tragic.


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