What a Difference a Day Makes

Easter Monday Egg Roll

Today is Easter Monday. At least that’s what I call it. Not because of any great spiritual significance, but because a few institutions are closed that I normally frequent on the first weekday. So I won’t be collaborating on ministry work with our church office administrator, nor will I be going to the local university rec center to workout. Because it’s Easter Monday.

Two small inconveniences in my schedule. No big deal. I can enjoy a bit more free time on my hands today. But is that the only change I am to experience?

Worship at our church yesterday was glorious. I’m still basking in all the moments that directed us to a risen Christ, joy for today, and hope for tomorrow. But I’m not content to leave it there. Like a Monday morning quarterback, I am rewinding a film reel of yesterday’s events in my mind. Perhaps I will discover some ways I can be a different person because I showed up Sunday morning. Will I make a difference in my little corner of the world because I participated in an Easter Sunday celebration?

In my “post-game analysis,” I know exactly what inspired me the most. In fact, it was the main thing I shared with my daughter when she called to say Happy Easter yesterday afternoon. Now the question is, will inspiration lead to transformation?

What a difference a day makes! Or does it?

Post-Easter Blessings,



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