What a Difference a Day Makes

Easter Monday Egg Roll

Today is Easter Monday. At least that’s what I call it. Not because of any great spiritual significance, but because a few institutions are closed that I normally frequent on the first weekday. So I won’t be collaborating on ministry work with our church office administrator, nor will I be going to the local university rec center to workout. Because it’s Easter Monday.

Two small inconveniences in my schedule. No big deal. I can enjoy a bit more free time on my hands today. But is that the only change I am to experience?

Worship at our church yesterday was glorious. I’m still basking in all the moments that directed us to a risen Christ, joy for today, and hope for tomorrow. But I’m not content to leave it there. Like a Monday morning quarterback, I am rewinding a film reel of yesterday’s events in my mind. Perhaps I will discover some ways I can be a different person because I showed up Sunday morning. Will I make a difference in my little corner of the world because I participated in an Easter Sunday celebration?

In my “post-game analysis,” I know exactly what inspired me the most. In fact, it was the main thing I shared with my daughter when she called to say Happy Easter yesterday afternoon. Now the question is, will inspiration lead to transformation?

What a difference a day makes! Or does it?

Post-Easter Blessings,



Missing Easter, But Not Jesus!


This week, I’m missing Easter. By missing I mean I wish all my kids were home with Jim and me to celebrate, but that’s not happening since our kids are literally living all over the world. Our closest is married to a pastor, so it’s a given that religious holidays are spent at their home church, not traveling to our place.

What’s rather funny about “missing Easter” is that many of the things I miss I probably wouldn’t do today. Stuff and hide a basket boasting the following: a solid chocolate bunny (not hollow, per Christy’s request), particular flavors of jelly beans (Brian~ no white ones), marshmallow peeps, and an Easter book to make me look like a good Mom that doesn’t totally rely on sugar treats. (On a serious note, reading was a priority in our home!)

I especially miss serving our classic Easter dinner. It was tradition (albeit not super healthy.) You know, the deliciously salty, smoky Dinner Bell ham infused with nitrates and chemicals I can’t pronounce, rubbed down with a healthy cup of brown sugar and studded with canned pineapple and cloves. Creamy, gooey, cheesy potatoes! Yes, the ones from the box, two boxes if company was coming, and/or the boys were in their teens; homemade scalloped only if I was feeling extra ambitious. And the dripping with butter, comfort food, baking powder biscuits. Replete with white flour and baking soda laced with cancer inducing aluminum. Top it off with Jim’s favorite loaded carrot cake for dessert, no skimping on the cream cheese frosting!

I must admit, today’s Easter eating looks quite different. No worries Food Babe warrior, Lisa Leake real food advocate, or Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship. I’ve been converted to a new philosophy of food. But I still miss this Easter meal of days gone by. Because in my heart it was connected to family and a most glorious day. Yep, reminders of food that supposedly was killing us takes me back to life with the ones I love the most.

This Easter week it’s just Jim and me. We’ve engaged in a prayer focus initiated by our church elders, will attend Good Friday services to meditate on the seven last words of Christ, and look forward to a traditional Sunday morning resurrection service and belting out our favorite hymns.

Because we may be “missing Easter” but we won’t miss Jesus.

And for the record, I’m eating ham at the Sunday brunch.

Holy Week Blessings,