Countdown to Easter


Attention all ladies!

Do you need a little focus as you prepare for Easter Sunday?

Check it out!

If Gathering

featuring Jennie Allen & a little video message packed with inspiration

Watch it on your own, keep an Easter journal, and spend some quality time.

Wait, there’s more! Thanks to one amazing lady at our church, Paula, our women are having their own If Gathering  twice a month to share insights from the video, encourage one another, and experience Lent together. Maybe your friends would like to do this, too.

Be blessed,



One thought on “Countdown to Easter

  1. Totally enjoyed he “If Gathering” at our church and have since started a Food and Faith Gathering that meets once a month in my home. I have found it a wonderful way to create community. My co-facilitator and I have found it to be a great after care venue for the Healing Care Group participants who want to continue to meet once a month. It is a great opportunity to share life and their encounters and experiences of God through 4 monthly questions that helps us to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

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