The Best Day of My Week


Have you ever thought about what your favorite day of the week is and why? Growing up, the best day of my week was Monday. I was one of those geeky students who loved getting back to school after what I thought was a long weekend. In college, my favorite day was Friday because that meant date night with my boyfriend, Jim Thomas! Once I became a wife and a Mom, my favorite shifted back to Monday. I relished the prospect of a brand new week ahead, anticipating the good things to experience with my family and friends. I even liked the rhythm of homemaking; laundry on Monday, making grocery lists for Tuesday,  scheduling activities with the kids, etc.

This morning during worship service I realized that I had a new best day.  I found myself thanking God for today. Imagine that! I was a little shocked. Our worship service, I thought joyfully, is so worshipful. What a gift! What a blessing! I get to worship with incredible people and song leaders that point me to Jesus every Sunday. This morning I decided that my favorite day of the week had packed its bags and moved from Monday to Sunday. It felt like a miracle!

I am sad to say for many years church day was not one of my favorites. I won’t drag you down with all the struggles I’ve had with getting to church. Let’s just say in more youthful days my spiritual immaturity collided with the normal (and some not so normal) aches and pains in the body of Christ. Add that to the reality of getting three small children ready for church after some sleep deprived Saturday nights!

Is Sunday a hard day for you? If so, I can empathize. Sundays are complicated. So I give you this worship song, one we sang this morning.  I give you this music; not to fix you, your Sundays, or your church, but just to bless you and point you to Jesus.


5 thoughts on “The Best Day of My Week

  1. I look forward to Sundays when I get the privilege of hearing our worship team rehearse, it is like my own private concert before the actual service. I purposefully sit (I am trying to be more intentional in just stopping and not multi-tasking while they rehearse) & let the beautiful voices & instruments fill the space & penetrate my heart. I (most of the time) forget about the chaotic morning to get to church, I (most of the time) don’t worry about what will be for lunch. I just want to be present in the moment.


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