Three 2015 Un-Resolutions for Reading the Bible

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.

I once heard a conference speaker say: “Don’t submit to a daily reading plan so you can cover the Bible in a year. Read it everyday so the Bible covers you.”

I’ve been thinking about this statement since Jim and I have chosen an online Read the Bible in a Year plan for 2015. We both agree that it’s hard to slow down and actually read the words! That may seem rather odd, but the temptation is to skim through the passages that we know so well. Perhaps that’s what the conference speaker was trying to communicate. Just reading through for the sake of getting to the end is not the goal. So Jim and I are resolving not to resolve to just get through.

Jim says reading through the whole Bible in a year is not a resolution. It’s something he’s been planning on doing anyway, and January 1st seemed like a good starting date. I like the way he thinks. Sometimes when we make a resolution, we fulfill it for the resolution’s sake, not for the sake of changing how we go about our days.

So if I’m going to read the Bible so it covers me, I might need to make some un-resolutions surrounding some unhealthy habits first.

Un-Resolution Number One: Follow a Bible in a Year plan so I can check it off my list.

I am so guilty of this. Making it part of a to-do list to check off goes along with my over-achievement personality type.

I resolve to slowly read the passages, letting God’s word soak in.

Un-Resolution Number Two: Follow this plan with my usual attitude.

This may sound harsh, but sometimes I approach Bible reading with the attitude of why bother? I’ve been a Christian for forty years which means a lot of Bible studies, the repetition of Bible stories with my kids, listening to countless sermons, etc., etc.

 I resolve to read these scriptures again because I am always in need and God’s word always provides.

Un-Resolution Number Three: Make this goal into a competition.

I can make about anything into a competition: competing with myself and/or competing with others. My crazed thinking goes something like this: “If Jim got his reading done, than I better get it done, too. Other people are reading the Bible in a year, I should be able to do this as well.”

I resolve to follow this reading plan because of a desire to know God and learn how to follow Jesus.

I wonder if any of this resonates with you. I know I needed to “un-resolute” the negative stuff before I embarked on a new plan. Your thoughts?

. . . and a light unto my path.




4 thoughts on “Three 2015 Un-Resolutions for Reading the Bible

  1. In reading the Bible in a Year for five years in a row, I found it had become dry to me. It seems that soaking in a word or verse that comes alive in a flash can fill my heart and mind for a week! How amazing a meal is that? Love your writing…it is fresh and provocative. Thank you!


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