A Different Read for Advent

I just wanted something to slow down my thoughts about “doing” Christmas. A contemplative read that didn’t teach me more about Advent, but placed me in the center of Advent.

So I went to my book closet (yes, I have a whole closet devoted to books) and this one caught my eye.


Last night, this sunset caught my husband’s eye. God’s beauty from our front deck is magnified in the present moment.  Here Jim captured a visual that compels one to put everything else on hold and stay in the present.


I was introduced to God in the present moment and Caussaude’s book during a spiritual formation seminary class in 2004. The Sacrament of the Present Moment wasn’t written for Advent devotional selections, but it’s been a good challenge for me this season.

Jean-Pierre de Caussaude urges us to find God in the present moment and surrender to His will of the moment. That’s the hard part.

I wonder about adjusting my focus and my will as I await the birth of the Christ child.

In the doing of decorating,  scheduling events, cooking and cleaning, can I bypass busyness and be God’s child . . .

. . . and set aside my own will for His?

Lord, help me remember what is central to Advent and relinquish what is not.



Jean-Pierre de Caussade was a spiritual guide and ordained priest in the 1700’s. He was appointed spiritual director of the Jesuit retreat house in Nancy, France. There he undertook the spiritual direction of a group of nuns. The Sacrament of the Present Moment is a collection of his notes from his addresses to the women. 




One thought on “A Different Read for Advent

  1. I bought that book after I finished the SD program…Terry has mentioned it so many times through the years. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m hoping to soon. I’m a self-professed Advent nut…I absolutely love the season. Lent is still my favorite season, but Advent runs a very close second. It makes perfect sense that this book would fit so perfectly into Advent. After all, we are focusing on the impending Incarnation (and also looking toward the final coming when we will truly be with Him and He with us)…and the moment where God is present with us…incarnate…is in the NOW. The SD program was life-changing for me, helping me to stay far more present in the present…and not dwelling on the past or musing/worrying about the future. Sooo much more peace and joy in my life because of this! And even in the midst of the difficult and ugly I am finding grace and beauty by staying present and NOTICING. Bless you, friend, as you find Him in the now!! ❤


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