In our post-Advent worship sermon, the preacher told us we were "two-faced." Now before you think him to be mean-spirited, let me explain! Normally that characterization would be offensive, but the speaker was describing what happens to us in the week between Advent and New Year's Day. He likened it to the practice of the... Continue Reading →


The Joy Candle

In the seclusion of  a Jesuit 18th century retreat house,  Jean-Pierre de Caussade mentored a group of nuns in the ways of seeing God in every day moments. The notes of his teachings from ages past were preserved and compiled into what would become a devotional classic, The Sacrament of the Present Moment. "The present... Continue Reading →

So How Was Your Thanksgiving? Grandparents Keep it Simple, Special, and (almost) Stress-Free

When I was in elementary school, my favorite Thanksgiving holiday song was Over the River and Through the Woods. Since I grew up in the snow belt on the east side of Cleveland, I easily connected with the song's images of the "white and drifting snow-oh" and cold that "stings your toes and bites your nose!"... Continue Reading →

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