You’re Moving Where?

We were heading out to look at a condominium prospect when Jim turned in the wrong direction. To our delight, we ended up in a charming patio home community. (For the uninitiated, think small detached house built on a concrete slab with a postage stamp sized lawn.) The centerpiece of this development included generous ponds replete … Continue reading You’re Moving Where?

For Everything There is a Season . . .

A garden is more than its tangibles of beds brimming with soil, hemmed in by sturdy woods, more than its April seed buried low in the dark earth, and mid-July sunflowers reaching, more than spheres of Brussel sprouts clinging to a spine. A garden, particularly the Park Street Community Garden, is a life-giving phenomenon. It … Continue reading For Everything There is a Season . . .

When the Time is Ripe (Right)

Debbie cast me an incredulous look when I shared my vision to offer cooking classes for our neighbors with financial and relational struggles. "Why not?" I wondered aloud. Our church's kitchen space was recently refurbished. Our community garden conveniently located across the street from the church could supply fresh produce. Seemed like a home run … Continue reading When the Time is Ripe (Right)

Blessing Bouquets​​ with a Side of Scones

I am delighted to announce that Jess Critcher of Jess Lauren Florals and Julianna Hritz of Vines Bakery are sprouting a new ministry of community care from the Park Street Community Garden on Park Street in Ashland, Ohio. These two dynamic entrepreneurs will be applying their talents to bless neighborhood folks with flowers and bakery through a … Continue reading Blessing Bouquets​​ with a Side of Scones

Meet Ashland University Intern, Aashawnti West

Outreach Ministries at Park Street Brethren Church, Ashland, Ohio is pleased to introduce Ashland University intern Aashawnti West to our ministry team. A-West, (as she likes to be called), will be sharing her marketing and public relations skills with us for the summer term. With A-West's extensive experience and education, I probed a bit to … Continue reading Meet Ashland University Intern, Aashawnti West