She's under a cloud unknowing, acutely aware its steady rain marks the day with unease. Awake to the hope of something more certain, life beyond her fragile boundaries of skin and sun room sofa is heightened for better or worse. Forever the giver, loving overtures bless and bother and beg the question "Who am I?"... Continue Reading →

Retired, Really?

I suppose my personal profile begs the question. After all, I am an empty-nester, my husband and I recently "down-sized" our home and possessions, and I am blessed to be called Grandma. But I still stop short when someone asks me, "So, are you retired now?" I do understand the reason for the question. People... Continue Reading →

Rip: Turning the Tide?

  Have you heard this guy's story? Rip Esselstyn, award winning triathlete turned firefighter, and now plant eating crusader, was concerned for the physical fitness of his comrades at Engine 2 Firestation in Austin, Texas. When he discovered the leading cause of early deaths among his fellow firefighters was heart disease, Rip embraced a mission... Continue Reading →

Do Something, Anything!

Marriage and family systems therapist, Dr. Cecil Bergen, was one of the most gifted instructors in my masters of counseling program. Bergen fostered an appreciation for systems theory, helping me to grasp its efficacy for healing groups, dysfunctional families, and struggling marriages. Regarding people in crisis, I'll never forget Bergen leaning forward during a lecture,... Continue Reading →

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