Expressionless Grief (no. 6)

This repost is a result of editing feedback from my good friend Kim Moraghan. Feel free to offer writing suggestions.

Season Six(ty): life in the 60 something years

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(This is the sixth post in a series written for families struggling with cancer and other difficult issues.)

Cancer is hijacking individuals in four families that Jim and I have lived “life together” with for many years. We’ve been traveling companions, in ministry together, worshipped at the same church, played, and cried together. We are reeling. But most importantly, is how each of these dear ones is bearing the weight of the diagnosis.


Our friends and family admirably walk this unanticipated road with hope. They cry out with a blessed assurance because they know to whom they belong. They are gifted with communities who listen with love as they attempt to articulate this unwelcome guest called grief. Of course, cancer is not our only nemesis. Losses of all kinds bring universal heartaches.

Sometimes I see a space within the…

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One of my best friends from grad school, Dr. Martha Smith, is one of the most anointed Christian counselors I know. So when Martha shares something from the healing community on social media, I pay attention. She recently posted this link on Facebook about sadness. It's an easy read, direct, practical and helpful in my... Continue Reading →

Game Day Desserts

My husband Jim was sidelined for too long with a damaged nerve in his lower abdomen. The pain management doctor diagnosed it as nerve entrapment. Well, this extremely painful issue definitely had Jim trapped! Movement was excruciating; the only things that caused the pain to subside were meds, hot baths, sitting, and lying down. Thankfully, Jim's... Continue Reading →

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